Photo credit: Kelly Allen Bauch @ Bluebird Photography

Courtney Dillard

Courtney has been living in and loving Portland, OR for over a decade. She teaches Rhetoric & Media Studies at a local university. A native Floridian, she was pulled to the Pacific Northwest by it’s magical forests and progressive ideals. Courtney is interested in civic projects, making the world a better place, all animals great and small, and random acts of kindness.

Favorite breakfast: Matt’s truffled egg toast in their kitchen.

Matt Webber

Matt was born in NYC and was lucky to visit Oregon as a child. After high school he made the slow and progressive move westward before landing in Portland in 2002. His dream at eight years old was to open a kite shop in Yachats, OR, but instead he became a community organizer in Portland. Matt is interested in Courtney, his running shoes, his friends, and the NY Knicks.

Favorite breakfast: corn griddle cakes at the Paradox Cafe in Portland, OR.

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